First Baptist Church Rebranding
First Baptist Tyler hired a new pastor, and wanted that shift to be reflected in their branding. They felt as though their image was a little stuffy and dated, and they were looking for a fresh start that communicated an inclusiveness to the community. 
We finally settled on a globe motif that would signal a new direction for their ministry. We knew this would have to exist in perpetuity (sometimes, without our involvement), so we wanted to give them a solid foundation on which to build. That's why the blue hues and the circles were so important to echo throughout everything we produced, from the Sunday morning bulletins to the stationery suite.
The Diner
People's Petroleum Building
First Baptist Church
Fit City Foods
Hampe & Iglesias PLLC
SWG Transportation
The Dream Project
Vital Act
Our Family Vet
Petro-Land Group
Plaza Tower
Blue Banjo Fajitas
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