About Us
Since 2004, L2 Marketing has worked throughout East Texas to develop brand awareness and engagement for businesses and non-profits. We work hard to leverage our skills and our eye toward local relationship-building to make sure your organization has a marketing plan that is totally unique to you and your needs.
Our box of tricks includes all the traditional tools of advertising: television, radio, print, billboards. But it doesn’t stop there. We also work with startups and long-term organizations on branding by developing a fresh, relevant look and message that will grab attention and convey the essence of the organization. We also use tools that other marketing agencies won’t, by getting actively involved in the way you interact with East Texans, through things like special events.
Do you have a new product to launch? Having a Grand Opening or special sales event? Or maybe you want to host an employee training seminar, have a killer trade show booth, or a blowout celebration. L2 Marketing excels at creating and promoting memorable events, both small and large.
L2 also has you covered when you need something a little more high-tech. We create and schedule campaigns for all things digital, from web design to email marketing, social media management, Google AdWords and other digital advertising, OTT ads, and more.
As businesses in Tyler, Longview, and all of East Texas have seen for 15 years, L2 Marketing is a partner in creating strategies that work! We know how to ask the right questions of our clients; we listen when they talk about their goals and needs; then, we develop a unique plan of attack that fits within the allotted budget and meets (or exceeds!) objectives.
It all pays off, too. When you hear from our clients, they say things like, “top notch” and “they took our breath away.” We get that kind of reaction by not only providing some of the best marketing services in East Texas, but by going out of our way to get invested in our clients’ futures.
Our Approach
We'd love to sit down over a cup of coffee and just visit about your business - the work you do; the products you sell; the services you provide; what your customers are like; all about your employees. We want to learn about your goals and dreams for the future, as well as your aspirations for the short-term. It’s only by having a thorough understanding of the current situation that we can begin to develop a game plan for growth.
Not everybody needs a new brochure, or to be on television, so there will be no automatic recommendations from L2. We don’t use boilerplate proposals, because no two businesses are alike.
One of the strengths of L2 Marketing that sets us apart is our ability to broker unique alliances. It’s not uncommon in a meeting for one of us to respond to a client’s comment with, “Let’s get in touch with this non-profit…" or, “Why don’t we partner with this other business on an event?”
Long ago, we realized the incredible value of creating partnerships with complementary, non-competitive organizations. By joining forces, we stretch marketing budgets, expand our constituencies, and strengthen networks. Through these forged relationships, we are able to scale heights beyond what we could have imagined on our own. And it’s a lot more fun to do it with others than alone!